by Odd Man Out

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Capital City Hardcore


released November 5, 2016

The Straight Edge

Recorded by Capt Tripps @ High Command in Olympia, WA in January 2016.



all rights reserved


ODD MAN OUT Seattle, Washington

Odd Man Out supports a lifestyle that informs and inspires all forms of life. Although the language in the name suggests masculinity we admire and embrace all spectrums of love, sexuality, and identity. Odd Man Out supports a positive interaction with YOUR world and YOUR life, and encourages every struggle against socialized oppression and capitalism. ... more

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Track Name: Judged / Won't Be Silenced
Say I judge you I don't need to. You do it to yourself.

You booze. You Lose. Straight Edge. My choice.
Fail me. Fail you. Won't silence. My voice.
I watch you come and I watch you go I won't be silenced.
Track Name: Now You Pay
Now you pay. Sell out your mind, numb your soul, passing out, at a show. Fire in your eyes, hardly a flame, drugs and booze made you tame. Wasted Life, Now You Pay.
Track Name: Odd Man Out Stomp
Stomp. Straight Edge. Yes.
Track Name: Face It
Forged from stone, now gone soft. Escape/submit, who you are is lost. Selfish world, means selfish life. Play the part, our fight. A new way to live, without a critique, choose not to care, existence is bleak. Cook it up, with a kid in the room. Now I've grown to judge you. Face what you've done, live with your choice. Face it.
Track Name: New Blood
New Blood. You had your chance.
Walk around, like you own it all. Hear you talk, put my head through a wall.
You're a big shot, or so you say. Now it's time we put you away.
No idols. Watch them fall.
A social crutch, so out of touch, so eager to please, you're a fucking disease.
And we're the cure.